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I'm a fourth-year Computer Science major at the University of Waterloo!

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About Me

I'm a fourth-year Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. Over the fall, I interned at Versa Networks as a Software Engineer! I will be interning at BitGo as a Software Engineer Intern during the Summer of 2024.

I chose computer science because logic and objectivity have always been extremely appealing to me, all the way through grade school, extracurriculars, and other experiences, and I felt that computer science was the program that perfectly encompassed my passion for creating logical and efficient solutions to problems.

I'm quite a big sports fan - I'm big on golf and soccer. I also endeavour in the daily chai run and I like exploring new coffee places in Dubai & Waterloo. ☕

Anyways, I'd love to connect! Go to the "Say Hello" section to see where you can find me.

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Software Engineer Intern @ BitGo

May 2024 - Present

Working on the BitGo Developer Experience team to improve the developer experience for BitGo's API and SDKs.


Software Engineer (Contract) @ Quintilon

September 2023 - December 2023

Developed an AI business creation copilot - microservice architecture and OpenAI assistants

TypescriptNext.jsGraphQLOpenAIAzureCasbinJWTNode.jsGithub Actions

Software Engineer Intern @ Versa Networks

September 2023 - December 2023

Built features for the main network orchestrator at Versa Networks (Director).


Software Engineer Intern - Fullstack @ OMERS

January 2023 - April 2023

Rebuilt an internal pension transcation tool that allowed over 500k members to contribute extra funds and withrdaw funds from their contributions. Worked mainly with Next.js, Typescript, Express.js, and Oracle.

Next.jsTypescriptReactExpressPing IAMOracleSQLNode.js

Software Engineer Intern - Frontend @ OMERS

May 2022 - August 2022

Worked as part of the myOMERS member application team. Built new features for new pension initiatives and resolved bugs that affected over 40,000 people.


Software Engineer Intern - Fullstack @ Malvor

May 2021 - August 2021

Built numerous features for the main e-commerce platform, such as role-based authentication, bulk uploads, and coupons.

JavaScriptNode.jsHandlebarsSemantic UIElasticsearchExpress.js




A Java 1.3 compiler written in C++. Complete scanning, parsing, static analysis, and code generation.

C++JavaStatic AnalysisCode GenerationParsingScanning
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Distributed Systems


A distributed file system that is based on the upload/download model. Based on the upload/download model and timeout caching.

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A rebuild of Music Sessions, with Next.js, tRPC, and MongoDB

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Tiny Compiler

A tiny compiler written in Go. It compiles BASIC into C, and then into an executable.

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Graph Algorithms


A web app that visualizes different graph search algorithms, such as BFS, DFS, Djikstra's and A* search.

ReactTypescriptGraph Algroithms
Project Pathfinder
Built on top of Generative AI

Dubstep AI

A web app that integrates with spotify and allows you to generate amazing new playlists in three ways - by using one of your playlists as a reference, by writing a prompt, or by picking some moods and genres.

ReactTypescriptPythonFlaskSpotify Web APICohere AI
Project Dubstep AI
Cross Platform Application Development


A desktop time and task management tool. Smooth curves and light colors, allowing for a beatiful user experience.

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Music Sessions

A collaborative queue that is integrated with Spotify. Login with your spotify, let your friends join the session through the session code, and queue music to jam together!

Node.jsExpressHandlebarsSpotify Web APITailwind CSS
Music Sessions Image
TOHacks 2021

This Is Not A Newspaper

A way for you to read news in real time in a manner that is unchaotic, in comparison to the landing pages of most traditional news sources. In essence, this is a news aggregator.

Node.jsReactPythonRapidAPISemantic UI
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Data Science / Machine Learning

Premier League Predictor

A machine learning project that uses data from 20 seasons of English Premier League to try and predict future results. Uses regression, gradient boosting, and neural networks. Photo retreived from premierleague.com

Wayne Rooney


A parody of the famous internet game called 'Wordle', where you must correctly guess a sequence of different colored turds instead of letters.

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